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23 October 2010

Baby Darling Grace is the daughter of Pastor David and Cecelia Dorbor. Pastor Dorbor chairs the WACSN Pastoral Network in Grand Bassa County, Liberia. Baby Darling Grace is a beautiful sweet girl who was born with some severe birth anomolies. The child was born with her major organs outside of her belly. In September, Vanderbilt Children Hospital in Nashville agreed to perform the life threatening surgery at no cost to WACSN or the parents.

Ginger Moore of ‘Speaking Thru Me Ministries’ in Tennessee lead a team of women to Liberia in July to conduct a ‘women’s workshop’ on behalf of the WACSN Pastoral Network and in association with the Lori Newman Ministries of North Carolina. During that visit, Maria pleaded with Ginger and her team to explore the possibilities of assisting WACSN by raising some funds so that Baby Darling Grace could be taken to Ghana for this medical procedure. Instead, Ginger labor tirelessly to encourage the hospital and doctors at Vanderbilt to perform the surgery, which the agreed to do. Ginger also got Delta Airlines to donate the tickets for the Dorbors to come to America for the surgery.

She is currently safely admitted to Vanderbuilt hospital with her family by her side in a Ronald McDonald House. She will undergo tests and evaluation to discern the extent of her problem and to formulate a plan to assure her recovery. Meanwhile efforts to strengthen her from her poor health condition to increase the odds of safe reovery.

WACSN is so blessed to be supported by and in partnership with such wonderful people. Without the efforts of Ginger and Speaking Thru Me Ministries, it is unclear if Baby Grace would have this opportunity for a return to health and the potential for a normal life. We are further indebted to Delta Airlines and their willingness to see the value in supporting such a wonderful humanitarian project. This is the type of thing WACSN and it's Pastoral Network would like to be able to provide for regularly. Many of the needs are not as dramatic as the reconstructive surgery Baby Grace and the Dorbor family is facing. However, God's provision in a need such as this should build confidence and faith that His hand is in Liberian through the relationships Americans continue to foster with WACSN.

The great updated news is that Baby Grace has had her surgery. They operated on 21 Oct and she and her family are doing well. At this point we are all prayerful for an uneventful recovery and a whole new future stretching out ahead of her. Life will likely never be easy for her in Liberia, but without the severe handicap of a heal issue, she has a much better chance to impact her community than she may have otherwise. For those who have been a part of this marvelous event, I know Grace has already had a profound impact. Continue to reach out and pray for those who are in need. If you would like to partner with WACSN in the service of the people of Liberia, West Africa, please contact us or visit our Giving Tab on this website. For more information on the many people who were involved in the success of Baby Grace's trip to Nashville and her restorative surgery, please see our get involved page and let them know how much you appreciate their willingness to step out in faith and helping make such a profound difference.