10 active children and all their hi-jinx.... These are a few of our favorite Links!
It's hard to believe we ever used to get along without computers! This seems ironic since one of the things we talk so much about is a desperate desire for a simpler, quieter (no, that isn't a reference to our children), lifestyle. But while we enjoy cutting our own wood on the saw mill, and burning wood in the furnace to keep our home warm in the winter, we still are excited about all that God has revealed to us, and want to rejoice at his greatness in every way. We want not only to be educated, but to never stop being educated whether in directly Christian matters or in scientific and social matters which are equally reflective of His divinity. Thus we don't retreat into our simplistic lifestyle in a blanket manner, but pick and chose what we spend time doing so that hopefully our lives Glorify His name. Some of this involves searching and study of information which in this day and age is easiest to find and verify on the internet, and some of this involves interacting with people we love through E-mail etc... So in case anyone cares, here are some links we have found valuable in both professional life and personal life.
West African Children Support Network is the name of the organization run by Sister Maria, a native born Liberian, through whom we adopted our four new beautiful children. We can't say enough wonderful things about the efforts of Sister Maria and her helpers and have only high accolades for our experiences through WACSN. Don't hesitate to mention you saw their link on our site or to ask questions of us about our experiences. Whether through donations of money, goods, or time, or through adoption and rescuing young souls from a world filled with starvation, despair, and suffering, we strongly believe in and support this Charity/ministry and have personally met the principles as well as having successfully adopted four beautiful young ladies who now have hope due to the efforts of WACSN in connecting them with us and making the bureaucratic challenges of international adoption go smoothly. Through these four girls (and a fifth adopted by Tara's sister) we have become grafted with elements of two different Liberian families and will be forever.
Neverfail Church is a community church that is co-pastored by my brother and sister-in-law, both of whom we love and respect dearly. They have started a small rural church and been the tools to bring such passion and fervor that they lead foreign mission trips and participate in evangelistic crucades. They also have a heart for the rural community in which they are situated and offer youth group bible studies, summer bible camps, drama teams, and general evangelism to this economically poor area. This includes food and clothing pantries for those in need, which has been a great blessing to many who find themselves without means. Neverfail Church is a great place to make donations to help people locally (Cumberland Plateau.... Crossville area) both with their daily needs and their spiritual feeding. This is by far NOT a mega church with impersonal grandiose programs. This is a What Would Jesus Do type of ministry!

Eliotroberts.net is the home of the mental musings and surmisings and other intellectual enterprises of my brother. Please take a look at this if you dare. It is also linked on home page under musings ... my brothers.

Rose Hall Farm's Mountain Kennel is a site for some of the most beautiful, gentle German Shepherds I have ever met. Personally I don't know why anyone would want a dog other than a Standard Poodle, unless it was to throw the Poodle into an even more glorious light through the comparison, but these dogs from Rose Hall sure are the sort that make one wonder if maybe there are a few other worthy breeds out there to be considered. So if you are one of the unusual folk who want something other than a Standard... take a look and consider a Rose Hall Farm German Shepherd.
Rolling Hill Russells is an amazing site for another, well, non-poodle canine. At the vanguard of the establishment of the Russell Terrier, a shorter more "true" version of the famed Jack Russell Terrier, this kennel has spent tremendous amounts of time researching, learning, and collecting valuable genetics to produce amazingly sweet tempered healthy terriers. Owned by a professional with uncompromising devotion to animals in general and Russell Terriers as a side line, this site should be double book marked by anyone who has interest in these delightful spunky hunters. I have truly gained a great love of this personable canine breed because of my association with Dr. Melissa Wilson and her dogs. If you've been impressed with Jack Russell Terriers... You'll Love the original, the Russell Terrier. Check them out!
Anderson County Animal Hospital is the home of our professional lives. With two veterinarians in the house, a love of God's creation, especially the animal life is an unavoidable part of our lives. We became the owners on 1/1/07, and are Blessed to be a part of this community veterinary hospital. We have a wonderful staff and client base in Anderson County TN and if you can't spend all your time with the 8 children... you might as well be here. Fell free to take a look around and see some pictures of our clinic or browse through some of the advanced surgeries our associated orthopedic surgeon performs at Veterinary Surgical Services.

Answers in Genesis is an organization that is devoted to helping spread the truth about universal origins. They look at scientific data and research involving everything from biology and genetics to physics, astronomy and geology to help determine what the evidence actually supports. Far from claiming to prove anything, they simply fight for the rights of the data to be taken at face value and then interpreted, rather than being viewed from inception with an underlying set of preconceived restrictions. After all, who gives the right for man to view the worlds processes with the notion that there are no supernatural events possible??? Ironically, it is God who has given us the right to chose how we view things and how we treat one another. It is this same God who you can meet at Answers in Genesis, learning more about Him through the amazing universe He has created and finding about His creativity through a faithful evaluation of the scientific evidence which has been collected through the ages. What you will not find is the fear and hate speech found on "anti-creation" or "pro-evolutionary" sites that seem to spend as much time maligning creation scientists as they do trying to desperately spin their data into something that is digestible to the common man. Let the data speak for itself, and you decide on which interpretation you find comfortable. Just don't assume that evolution is "fact" or "proven" or that it is even reasonable to those who profess it, many of whom admit secretly (and honorably) that the data does not seem to add up, or that there are huge flaws in evolutionary cosmology. They just are unwilling to admit that if you look at a watch... you are actually learning about the watchmaker.

Global warming and why we are NOT causing it!

Assuming that we're able to accurately assess the data on global temperature, which is debatable, and assuming that we allow the data to guide science, rather than fit it to a personal/political agenda, which may or may not be true, then our planet is warming up. EXACTLY like it has done numerous times in the past. How do you think an ice age ends!!! Global warming. The true evidence seems to support global variations in ocean temperatures, likely due to geothermal changes in the Earth's core. Evidence suggests that CO2 increases in the atmosphere do correlate with global warming... but they FOLLOW the increases in temperature!!!! As the planet warms, and in particular the oceans warm, CO2 becomes less soluble in water and thus is released, just like a warm soda going flat (CO2 bubbling out). Data supports the warming causing the increased CO2 much more than the CO2 causing the warming. Every issues has multiple sides, and each sides will have adherents and advocates who take their issue from the realm of truth/science into personal and political. I don't think we should blindly trust any group that has an agenda, but rather take responsibility upon ourselves for our beliefs and do the homework to decide which theory best supports the facts, rather than deciding on a theory, then selecting facts that support it. Here are some excellent articles and discussions on the other side of the Global warming controversy.

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International and has written an essay on Global Warming Hypocrisy.

The Great Global Warming Swindle From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- a discussion of the documentary countering Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth.

Global Warming Is not caused by carbon dioxide! is a discussion with loads of references and links supporting an alternative view to man's involvement in Global Warming, including charts and graphs.

Unstoppable Global Warming, Every 1,500 Years more information on the controversy and what Global Warmists don't want people to know: the other side of the story.